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The 88th Legislature is (mostly) over. Do you know if your representative stood with public education?

Step 1: Find your representative

Not sure who represents you in the Texas Legislature? All you need is your address, and you can look up your representative online.

Find your rep

Step 2: See how they voted

Once you know your representative, you can see how they voted on a variety of important public education matters below. Legislators are listed in order of House District. For each, you’ll see how they voted on:

Texas House of Representatives


Step 3: Contact your representative

No matter how your representative voted in the 88th Legislature’s regular session, they need to hear from you before a potential special session on public education this fall.

Tell them what our students really need to thrive: fully funded public schools that respect the people who take care of them every day. Not private school vouchers.

Call your representative

88th Legislature in Review

Want more information on what did (and didn’t) pass in the 88th Legislature? We’ve unpacked it all for you. Read through our recaps of top issues below.

School Funding

Pay Raises

Educator Recruitment

Retirement Security

Higher Education

School Safety

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